Monday, December 20, 2004

Hey peEps! I won't be ere for XmAs so hope you people drop by and read my wishes for you!! I'll be back on the 31st Dec and there will be a watchnight service at DUMC from 9.00pm-12.30am so you guys come alright? It's gonna be total fun!! I'll be there = ) In case you people are wondering where I'll be going, I'm going to Europe..Which means Switzerland, London, etc etc...Will blog about it when I get back!! (I hope...) So yeah, I'm beginning my xmAs grettings now..

To * kAi kAi fAmilY * - Vick, Teng, Steph, Jon, Rev
- thAnks so much for the fUn gB nights, fuN late night chats and stuff like that.. No regrets knowing you people!! May you all have a Merry Christmas and a great year 2005 ahead!! *hUgs~* = )

To * thE eE-s * - Sze, Teri, Cheryl, Denise, Carmen
- No regrets knowing you gals since primary school!! We had been through so many stuffs together.. I don't know how to thank you all!! Let's all go out kay as Sze is back in Msia and going back so soon!! = ( Have a MerRY bLesseD xMas and don't worry I'll pass you all prezzie's from me when I'm back!! Take care and miss ya all loads!!! * huGsss * = )

To * eVeryone in Dumc's xTraordinary yOuth zoNe *
- Had a great time in Passion Camp 04'!! May you guYS and gals have a MerRY bLesseD cHristMas!! Hope to see all of ya during watchnight!! Take care and God bless!! = )

To * cRaZy chiQs * - Licia, Abby, Ben [the "gurl"]
- Had a great time being with all of you in 4 Penaga this year!!! Hope that we'll be in the same class next year again!! Have a gReat chRistmAs and had fun going out with all of ya too!! Especially the photo sticker gila-ness..Hehehe = ) Neway take care and I'm soooo not ready for school!! Have a great 2004!! Enjoy it while it lasts.. HugssS *

To * eVeryOne rEading mY bloG *
- Thanks for being such faithful readers!! LoL.. May you all haVe a mErry chRistmas and a woNderfuL 2005!! Take care and God bless!! = )

Thats all for now...Dun miss me too much yeah? LOL.. Signing off...

* tHe wAve oF thE mAgicAl wAnd *

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hey I'm back!! Went for DUMC XyZ's Passion camp on the 11 till 14th Dec. It was just soo soooo cool!! Things worked out sooo good!! = ) At first I didn't even know Saturday was the 11th!! Thanks to Joyce for telling me so last minute on MSN if not, I wouldn't know what will happen man!! Hahah!! Barely had an hour's sleep at all on Friday night becos Sze and I were having so much fun talking and all, she stayed 3 nights in my house and it was coolness!! I miss her so much!! = ( Took so long to pack cos I was totally clue-less!!

Here's the pic we took when we went out on Friday to 1U.

Now I shall talk about camp.... Get readyyYyy! = )

11th Dec- I managed everything and left the house around 8am. Went to Kampar to eat breakfast with my parents and Sze. Later, Joyce came and we went off to church. Went to register and got the T-Shirt.. It's a super cool shirt!! *applause to Uncle Jit for designing it!* Then waited till 9.30am and then boarded the bus. Sat with Kar Mun. Then we were off to Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson. Reached there around 11.30am. Jeffrey is the head camp commandant. And Kau Sern, Joseph, Rachael and Stephanie were the assistants. The camp co-ordinator's were Christine and Felix. Then we went to the hotel ballroom for briefing and stuff.. After that we went off to lunch. Had fried rice and curry. At around 2pm we went back to the ballroom and got into our games groups.We also got our angel-mortal names..My mortal was Liang Jie.. I was in the group "Feu". Daryll Tan was the leader and Alicia Chin was the assistant. Denise Lah, Yan Yee, Ting Yuen, Allan, Jien Hoong, David Lim, Gabriel, Joel, Malvin, Robin, Wei Chieh, Ju Lian, Natalie, Eddy and Rebekah was in the team. We got our nametags and they told us about the "XYZ Idol" talentime thingy. Our tag was "Help him, Jesus" and we must say it in an african-american way, which is by using the belly. And our props was a toothbrush, and our characters were Charlie's Angel and Donald Duck. After that we went to our dorm. Our dorm was on the 5th floor, room507. Rebekah was the dorm leader and Steph was the assistant. I was in the same room with Kelly. And Natalie and Wai San shared the other room. We changed for games and went to the hall. Alvin Yeo was the game master.. He briefed us through and then they divided us all into 4 teams. Group A,B,C,D. I was in Group B- combination of group Feu,Fogo and Brann. Then we went to make our "country" flag.. We were finger painting with Buncho Watercolour paint and then we did finger painting with Buncho Watercolour paint and drew a christmas tree design with the wording's "Bulu Siak".Wonder how that word came out from also.. Then the rocket team had to make a rocket and all also..WAh it was superrr fun lerr!! = ) Then at the end of the games, our team was in the lead.. yEaayy!! We went back to our dorms. Washed up and went to eat dinner. After that we went for session. Our pastor was Pr.Shawn Kong. He talked about passion. The message was Don't burn out ; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master. "We can only have passion when we know our purpose!!" There are 3 types of people.. Passionate about the right things, the wrong things, and not passionate about anything at all. I had been thinking lor which category was I in, and I figured it was the 2nd one-passionate about the wrong things. So after that they had prayer but I didn't go. Went back to the dorm, was feeling really hungry..Went around asking my dorm mates for food and then Wai San gave me like crumbs of biscuits and I went back to my room feeling so hungry and suddenlyy....Bekah came in and said my angel gave me something..And the thing was chipsmore and a note!! The note says, keep this, maybe u'll need it in 10years time..I was thinking in my mind, i'll need it in less than a second..Hahah i opened it and ate while we had reflection and then went to bed around 12am.

12 Dec- Woke up at 6.45am. Washed up and went to the hall for group devotion. We had an ice-breaker. It was super funny, test about your "alert-ness" in the morning la.. Haha..Then we talked about "Loving God with Passion". Talked about how high is the passion level and then shared among ourselves. Then we went for breakfast. Had nasi lemak and orange juice.. It was good!! Had breakfast with Roxanne.. Had no idea where Joyce and Caleen was. And then off for session 2. We learnt about "Passion for Lord Jesus". And the top 5 things we need to surrender to Christ is time* relationship* spiritual authority* money* studies.. And then it was group time. We talked about the "XYZ Idol" thingy.. And then we had lunch. But I skipped it cos din really like the food. After that is was workshop. We learnt about *Social Ethiques*. The speaker was Rueben Arthur. It was really really interesting and I learnt some stuff... HEheh like manners and all.. Eg. When entering a restaurant, the sitting arrangement, table setting, proper use of cutleries, napkin use, when ordering, eating mannerism, and the table mannerism.. After that we had games again.We went down to the beach.. Woahh super fun man!! I was participating in "super bunny".. and then we fought against country D I think. Then we were all dunked in water and all..Super wet and fun lar..Hehhe.. Then we went back to the dorm and showered.. Took dinner and went for session 3. Woship was super good!! But i was soo tireed... We learnt about "Passion for purity". And the 4 steps to fight the battle of purity is get right* get away* get help* get busy.. Then after session I went to Joyce's dorm and we talked till 12.30am..Ahaha I went back to the dorm and the door was already locked! But thank goodness they were still awake and we didn't do reflection..I think its my fault for coming back so late..Haih.. Washed up and went off to dreamland..

13 Dec- Arise from sleep. It was inside-out day!! Means we had to wear our clothes inside-out.. Went for morning devotion in the hall. Learnt about "Wisdom Driven Passion". Had an ice-breaker before that and I lost to Joel..So he get to scribble on my hand with the green highlighter. Heheh.. Had breakfast after that- nasi lemak, mee, sausages and orange juice. It was reallyyy good!! After that we went for workshop 2. We learnt about "Charting Your Future". But i was superrrr tired so I was sleeping most of the time..Ahaha feel so bad now.. After that Pastor Foo came and gave us a susprise!! Wow all of us were sooooo super shocked wei!!! He looks kinda different after a year of not seeing him..Woww then he sorta gave a speech and all..Hahah it was good!! = ) And then after that there was some announcements and we were seperated into groups.. Then they were arranging who's gonna escort the girls and stuff for the "gentlemen" night... They assigned Jien Hoong with me.. Hahah I barely talked to him though in camp..And then we went off for lunch.. Then we had group practice for "XYZ Idol".. We also made stuffs from newspaper for the costume.. And then at around 4pm it started. They played the "Idol" song.. It was so chun, reminded me of Malaysian Idol..Ahah and then Jared and Rachael were the hosts of the show cos they're in the programs team..Pr.Shawn, Aunt.Karen and Pr.Margeret were the judges. My group was the 2nd to perform.. It was okay la I suppose, everyone did a great job!! = ) And then we watched as other teams perform at it was time to vote.. Each team can only vote 3 times and my team had only one vote..Ahaha but nevermind la some teams din hv votes at all..Feel so sad for them but nevermind lah, everyone did a good job by team spirit and team work!! And then it was time to bath..We got ready and then were waiting for the guys to come and escort us from our dorm.. Bekah went out first cos she had to do worship that night, and then Natalie went, followed by Steph, then Kelly, then it was only me and Wai San waiting in the dorm..Suddenly Jien Hoong came and Wai San was like "WHY MY ESCORT SO LATE ONE?" and then she opened the door for me to go out and her escort was right there! She was soooo malu cos of cos he heard that.. Hahahah Jien Hoong and Wai San's escort came the same time la actually cos they both were in the same dorm.. And then we went to the lift and went to sit down. It was only Jien Hoong and myself on the table cos other people were late..OMG it was so embarrasing lar, we both had absolutely nothing to talk about!! And then Eddy and Alicia came..And Derek and his escortee came, and Maureen and her escort came..Then the guys went to take rice for us and the "waiter's" served us with dishes.. The guys took food for us and all the gals did is just relax..Aahah it was sooo cool = P And then there were live performance done by the band..HAha they did a great job too!! and there was magic tricks done by the entertainers..Wow they were great! Jeffrey's great at juggling!! After that we went off to the hall for worship.. "There ain't no party like the Jesus party cos the Jesus party won't stop!!" HAhaha I LOVE that rap man!!! And then it was sermon time.. It was the last night already..Sigh so sad.. = ( We learnt about "First Passion". The principles are Be Real * Power of the Holy Spirit * Right spirit and attitude * Deliberate time and Effort.. It was really good.. And there was prayer after that but I didn't really know what to do so I just sat on the chair and prayed..Then Carrisa came and prayed for me..She asked me wat should she pray for me and I told her that I wanna be passionate for Him and not other things.. Then she prayed and I felt refreshed. But at that time I was sooo tired.. Sighss* After that we went out and while Joyce and I were resting at the sofa Roxanne passed by and I asked her if she had maggi.. And then went to get hot water.. Then we were in the dorm with Natalie, Wai San, Kelly and myself..We were sharing about the gentlemen night and laughing among ourselves.. It was sooo funny I tell you all! And then soon Bekah came back and we shared among ourselves too.. Soon Steph came back and all 6 of us shared.. We were seriously laughing our heads off!! Then we shared about some stuffs that we learnt that night and then went back to our room. Kelly had oreo's and I ate like half the then we went to sleep at almost 1am..

14th Dec- The day that we're gonna leave.. = ( I woke up at almost 7am.. Was superrr tired !!ZzZ .. Had morning devotion outside at the balcony.. We had an ice-breaker.. It was so superr tough but with team work we made it!! yAyyy = ) I dun really noe how to explain the ice-breaker though.. HAhah.. And then we had breakfast.. Went for the last session after that- Session 5..Worship was great!! Learnt about "Passion For Great Things". 4 Great things that God wants us to see is : The Land * The Nations * God's salvation and righteousness * The Harvest. And then we went to our dorm's and packed up..My angel gave me lozenges..LoL.. Took pictures with my dorm mates but the pics aren't in the comp yet, hehe.. Then we went for lunch together with DJ CG. Had so much fun during lunch, DJ CG is superrr funny and crappy la with all the jokes around.. And then we went back to the hall... Listened to testimonies and all, and then revealed ourselves the angel-mortal thing.. My angel was Joel Lee.. Ahaha it was sooo unexpected as he was in my games group and all also!! Hahah no wonder he was being so nice to me... And then we went off to take a group picture outside.. Will post the pics some other timE! Then we went to take games group and CG picture.. Then we took autographs..Went to look for more people to take pics and then went off to line up for our bus... Sooo sad to leave that place!! Haihhh!! Sat with this Christine in the bus..Some form 1 gal lar..AHhaa.. She shared twisties with me.. LoL!! And then slept in the bus... Reached around 6pm.. Met Joyce and then soon she left.. I left church around 6.30pm.. Came home and was sooo tired! But it was a really cool and happening camp!! Sooo hAPpy!!= ) No regrets going 4 camp!! yAyy!! And my new name is Jenny.. Joyce gave me that name..Ahaha so welcome the new Jenny Wong Choo Yen! = P

* tHe wAve oF thE mAgicAl wAnd *

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Sunday, June 27, 2004


Take advantage of all opportunities. You must develop your creativity and talents. You are determined to prove yourself to others. You have a great deal of loyalty to those you love. You have much inner strength. You can handle details well. You have a methodical mind. You are a hard worker when you make up your mind to do a job.

Choo :

You are a quick study, and can be self-taught. Your curiosity can get the best of you, but you must learn to concentrate. You work hard to achieve material success through your own efforts. You need to learn flexibility. You need to learn flexibility.


Financial gains and status are important elements in your life. You want to do things in your own way and on your own terms. You can be quite inventive and quite curious. You must learn to give 'wise' service and not be a martyr.

* frIendS aRe imPorTant iN yOUr liFe.. AppReciAte tHem *

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

The Greatest Pain in Life

The greatest pain in life
is not to die, but to be ignored.

To lose the person you love so
much to another who doesn't care at all.

To have someone you care so about so much throw a party...
and not tell you about it.

When your favorite person on earth
neglects to invite you to his graduation.

To have people think that you don't care.

The greatest pain in life,
is not to die,
but to be forgotten.

To be left in the dust after another's great achievement.

To never get a call from a friend,
just saying "hi".

When you show someone your innermost thoughts and they laugh in your face.

For friends to always be too busy to console you when you need someone to lift your spirits.

When it seems like the only person who cares about you,
is you.

Life is full of pain,
but does it ever get better?

Will people ever care about each other,
and make time for those who are in need?

Each of us has a part to play
in this great show we call life.

Each of us has a duty to mankind
to tell our friends we love them.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Won't You Lord,
Take a look at our hands,
Everything we have,
Use it for Your plans,
Won't You Lord,
Take a look at our hearts,
Mould it, Refine it,
As You set us apart.

We want to run to the altar,
And catch the fire,
To stand in the gap,
Between the living and the dead,
Give us a heart of compassion,
For a world without vision,
We will make a difference,
Bringing hope to our land.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

May today there be peace within you.
May you trust God that you are exactly
where you are meant to be.
"I believe that friends are quiet angels
who lift us to our feet when our wings
have trouble remembering how to fly."

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